Sumec Firman Eco 4990 Key Starter

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  • 100% Copper
  • 3.4KVA
  • Recoil
  • Keystart
  • Super Battery



Sumec Firman Eco 4990 Key Starter
The Sumec Firman ECO 4990ES is a  Semi Silent Zero gravity Power generating machine, Its Max Power output is 3400W with  Average output Power and 52L petrol capacity, 0.6L Oil Capacity nd 9h Operation Hours at 75% Load. ECO 4990ES.
The Firman ECO10990ESR Generators are designed with the finest quality materials for high efficiency and hi-tech performance. It is a 7.6KVA semi-silent zero-gravity generator, with a fuel tank capacity of 26L, oil capacity: 1.6L; and operates for 10 hours at 50% load making it the highest fuel-saving generator in the market. It comes with Remote Control that can turn on and off the generator from up to 65 meters thereby easing operations from your comfort zone.
This an ecological GENERATOR that emits fewer fumes and makes very low noise its a GENERATOR built to last very long years bearing in mind our lack of 24 hours electricity this GENERATOR is there to fill the void and makes you have electricity any time you want 

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Brand: Sumec
Model number: Eco 4990
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