Huawei MatePad T10 32GB Storage / 2GB RAM - 9.7" Inches

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  • Colour- Deepsea blue
  • Display- 97 inches
  • operating system- Emul- 10.1
  • Memory- 2GB RAM, 16/32 GB ROM
  • Battery- 5100 MAH
  • Camera- 5mp



Huawei's Most Interesting Model
You want to run all your apps smoothly and see it in the most spectacular way. We know that. You need to see everything in the best way and that's why this model features a 9.7" screen that will give you everything you like in the world. For the best picture quality, it provides an HD resolution quality that allows you to get everything you want. You will enjoy the best AV content thank to this awesome display. On its screen, it houses a 2MP front camera that will allow you to take the best pictures and a 5MP rear camera so that you can take all the pictures. The most spectacular ones.
Carries Out Any Task
A superb screen but also a powerful processor. Inside, this model has a Kirin 710A processor, a spectacular processor that will allow you to enjoy all the applications, the most spectacular games and everything you need. Plus, it comes with 2GB of RAM memory and a storage capacity of 32GB, which will allow you to expand it with its SD card slot. It is one of the most spectacular models you will find.
Use It All Day Long
All created to give you everything you need to enjoy. And for a long time to come. We are presenting you with one of the best tablets you will ever have in your hands, thanks to its 5100mAh battery that will give you all the power you need. You will enjoy all day long without any problem thanks to your new Huawei tablet. One of the most spectacular models and you will be able to use it all in the best way thanks to its Android 10(Q) operating system. The latest operating system from Google. An incredible model.
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Brand: Huawei
Model number: Matepad T10
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